Adoption Update & FAQ

A common question I get about our second adoption journey is where we are at in the process, so I thought I would give a little update.

We have spent the last month filling out home study paperwork, visiting doctors for our physicals, getting fingerprinted, sending in paperwork for background checks, making our profile, and fundraising!  On the home study front, we had our first home visit with our social worker on Monday.  We are finished with the majority of our paperwork, but still have three home visits, a first aid/CPR class and a two day, sixteen hour, training on adoption.  We anticipate finishing our home study by mid-September.

On the fundraising front, God is really providing to bring this little one home!  In less than a month, we have raised $2700.  That money combined with our savings, money that will be coming in from photo shoots in the next month, and some promised donations, puts us almost at the half way point to funding our adoption (based on anticipated costs)!!!  This is incredible!  We are trusting God to provide the rest in His perfect timing!

At this point, our attorney in CA has our profile to share with expectant mothers who are due after September (we can’t have a baby placed in our home until our home study is finished.  We have also shared our profile with all of our friends and family; you never know how God will lead us to the next little one.  Once our home study is finished, we will also submit our profile to Project Cuddle, “a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing Safe & Legal Alternatives to Baby Abandonment & Helping to Pave the Way for a Successful Future.  [They] run a confidential, toll-free, 24-hour crisis hotline for scared pregnant girls and women who feel hopeless and alone. Women who feel they have no one to help them through this frightening experience of an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.”  They also keep potential adoptive parent profiles on file, so they can share them with the women immediately.  In the last ten years, Project Cuddle has rescued 740 babies!

We have no idea how long it will take us to be matched with an expectant mother.  It could be weeks, it could be months, or it could be years.  We are praying for sooner rather than later!  Please pray with us!

We have also received a lot of other questions, so I wanted to share them and our answers:

Are you waiting to be matched until all of your fundraising is finished?

No.  We trust that God will provide in His perfect time, as He did with Abigail’s adoption.

Do you have a preference for gender?

No!  Eventually we would like to have at least one child of each gender, but we are happy with whatever child(ren) God brings us.

What are you comfortable with in terms of race and disability?

Honestly, we are praying a LOT about this one.  Before we adopted Abby, we said that we were okay with pretty much any child that needed a family and we trusted God to know what we can handle.  I think our answer is still the same, but we are really praying for God’s direction, because the community that we live in is not nearly as racially diverse as our former home and we want to ensure that our child is comfortable in his/her environment.  We also now have another child to consider (Abby) and need to be sure that we can handle it all.  Ultimately, though, I think when it comes down to it, we are comfortable with whatever God brings us.  We know He won’t give us more than we can handle, but we would appreciate it if you prayed with us on this one.   🙂

One thing we are for sure comfortable with, though, is multiples!  We both would really like twins. 🙂

Have you considered foster adoption?

Since we are fundraising, many people have asked us if we have considered foster adoption, because it is so much cheaper.  We have considered this and prayed about it a lot.  We are both pretty sure we will adopt from the foster system at some point, but now did not seem like the right time.  For one, we want to maintain Abby’s birth-order, as the oldest child in our family.  In CO, children under one that are adoptable in the foster system appear to be few and far between.  Our next adoption may be through the foster system, or we could fost-adopt years down the road, when Abby is in college or out on her own.  We don’t know, we are just trusting God and looking to Him for direction.

Have you considered International Adoption?

We have and are always open to it, but God has given us a heart for women facing unplanned pregnancies and for the unborn.  Right now, we feel called to help these women have another option (adoption) and to walk with them through part of their journey and provide a home for a few precious babes.  We have been so blessed to have an incredible relationship with Abby’s birth mother and would love to be able to help and love on other expectant mothers.

I think that’s it for now!  Keep asking questions!  I love them 🙂

We will be out of town for the next week and a half, visiting family, doing a ton of senior photos in my home town (praise God, these are paying for our trip), AND meeting our niece, who is due to arrive any day!  I likely won’t be blogging much, if at all, while we are gone, but I’ll be back at it once we are home again!  Enjoy the end of summer!


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