National Adoption Month!


I love November!  Not only is it a month where we are reminded again and again to be thankful (which, let’s admit, is a reminder we all need), but I also love it because it is National Adoption Month.  The adoption stories shared throughout the month are incredibly inspiring and eye-opening and the resources that are released  are so helpful.  For an adoption junky, like me, this month is amazing!  Unlike most adoption bloggers, I  haven’t been blogging much this month, because the stomach flu and cold has hit our house hard and we have had a lot of company this month.  However, I wanted to share some stories and resources that I have loved this month!  Happy reading and watching!


30 Things I Know About Adoption, by Julie Gumm – This series, focusing on the adoptive parents’ experience, has been humorous at times, but cut to the core at others.  It is definitely worth reading for any potential or current adoptive parent and for anyone walking the journey with adoptive parents!

NBC’s Today Show Adoption Series – The first week of November, NBC’s Today show shared an adoption story every morning.

Portrait of An Adoption Series – This is an amazing series that shares a different portrait of adoption every day for the month of November!  They are 2/3’s of the way through November 2013, but you can also read stories from 2011 and 2012!  These look at many different types of adoption and many different adoption perspectives  – some really positive, some hard to read, but all worth your time.

Daly Focus Blog – Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family is celebrating National Adoption Month by having regular guest bloggers share their adoption stories.

Free Adoption Resources:

Free Adoption Books – Sorry for the late reporting on this, but throughout the month of November, different authors are giving away adoption books for e-readers for free!  There are two left!

AdoptTogether – Looking for a way to raise funds for your adoption?  AdoptTogether offers your friends a tax-deductible way to give.  This video shares the vision!

Adoption Videos:

The Agape Project – “The Agape Project is a personal project that involves birth moms and adoptive families to show how much love there is in adoption.”  For more of a back story, you can visit the creator’s blog.

This Couple Was Ruined – This awesome video shares the awesome story of Wynne and Stephen.  “Wynne and Stephen had a plan for their lives. They’d get married and start a family 5 years later. But that’s not quite what God had in mind. And they’re so thankful He didn’t.”

Zi’s Story – “Two years ago, [the world] watched as World Racer Jenn Watson met a little Chinese boy with Down’s Syndrome named Zi. Jenn took a leap of faith when she asked her sister’s family to adopt him, and God opened every door to make it possible.  In Psalm 68:6, God promises that he sets the lonely in families. From a month in China to a three-minute Facebook conversation to a single $30,000 day, this is a story written by God’s hand to honor that promise.”  This video is their story.

I am sure there have been many, many more stories and resources shared this month, but these are the ones I have come across!  I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them, as I was!  May you, too, be gloriously ruined (see the second video)!


2 thoughts on “National Adoption Month!

  1. My book,, But the Greatest of These is Love, is listed on your blog for free download this weekend, Nov 22-24. I hope you will read it, for it is an amazing testimony to the lengths to which God will go to accomplish His divine will for adoption. It was truly a life changing experience for all surrounding our adoption.

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