17 months-1

How do you describe yourself in a nutshell?  I wear many hats and could use those to describe myself : stay-at-home Mom, wife, daughter, attorney-by-training, adoptive mom, adoption advocate, control freak, and family photographer.  Ultimately, I am a weak human being, dependent on a mighty, powerful God, trying to follow Him in everything I do.  I fail all the time.  I am constantly on my knees, surrendering my life, over and over again.

My life is NOT what I thought it would be.  It is better, far better, because His plans are greater than mine!  I praise God for His direction, even when it was temporarily painful, because it has brought the greatest joy and most incredible blessings.  Two of those blessings are my amazing husband, Jonathan, and precious daughter, Abigail, both of whom you’ll hear a lot about!

Oh, and I should probably share my name.  I’m Amanda and I am so glad you are here today!

Abby 10 months-8


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Amanda! First of all, your blog has been more than an inspiration for my wife and I. (ok, especially my wife – she just loves you.) I have to thank you for your broadcasted radio show recently and the timing couldn’t be better.

    Last night our son Matthew was picked up from our home and brought back to his birthmom after 27 days in our home. We are devestated.

    We are grieving terribly right now, but I just felt the need to reach out and thank you and ask for your prayers. We will need them.


    • Oh my goodness, Patrick. I am so so sorry for you and your wife. She commented on my blog a while back and I followed your journey a few months ago, but didn’t know you had been matched. I can’t imagine the heartbreak you must both be living right now and how hard the grief must be. I have been there on a smaller scale. 2.5 years later, I thank God that things happened the way that they did and am so grateful for our daughter, but I still grieve the loss of that little boy. My heart hurts for you right now. I am praying fervently for you and with you! If you guys ever need to talk to someone feel free to contact me. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who gets it. ~Amanda

  2. Thanks Amanda 🙂 We may take you up on that.

    I didn’t really realize this was going to actually show up on the about us page. Not exactly firing on all cylindars right now. We won’t be offended if you remove the comment. We will keep your response.

    – Patrick

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