Kohl’s Deal Alert!

It’s that time of year – the time when kids summer clothes start to go on amazing sales!

Our family lives on one income and we are raising money for baby #2’s adoption, so I am constantly looking for amazing deals on gifts, clothing, groceries and household products.  I especially love to get great deals on gifts, so I can give quality gifts and put the extra that I would have normally spent (or had budgeted) towards our adoption!  Shopping the sales and couponing also allows me to give more than I would be able to if I was shopping regularly priced items!

Today’s deal at Kohl’s was on kid’s clothes.  I used it to buy outfits to give as gifts for new babies and bought a couple outfits for Abby for next summer.  I got all of this for $31 (including tax):


Without tax, it would have originally been $236.76 (granted, Kohl’s almost always has sales, so it probably never would have sold for that much, but it is still pretty amazing to see the difference)!

So how can you do it?

First, you need to print out these coupons or save them on your Retail Me Not app:

$10 off of $25 in Kid’s Apparel

15% off of everything

Then, go to Kohl’s before August 18 (the earlier the better in my opinion) and shop the kids’ sale racks.  I only bought things that were 80% off.  Shop all of the racks (even one’s that say 60% or 70% off, because things are often put in the wrong place).

Make sure you have $25 worth of clothes and check out.  They will take the $10 off first, then the 15% off of what’s left.  This makes for a great deal!  Many of the items I got were originally $22 and I got them for about $2.40 each.  Others were $30 originally and I bought them for $3.20!  That is just over 10% of the original cost!  I’ll take it 🙂

Note, the $10 off of $25 coupon can only be used once and is one coupon per customer.  I lucked out and had a friend shopping with me who wasn’t buying anything, so I split my purchases into two and she made one purchase for me, so I was able to get the $10 off twice, giving me the above deal!

Happy Shopping!  I’d love to hear the great deals you get!


Adorable Kids’ Clothes for a Great Price!

I am a sucker for a bargain, especially when that bargain involves adorable little kid clothes!

I heard about ThredUp (a consignment website for kids and women’s clothes) about a year ago, but was busy and didn’t see much I liked.  Two weeks ago, I decided to hop on the site again.  I had my $10 first time buyer credit, so I figured I had nothing to lose!  I found an adorable special occasion dress (with tags) that Abby will be able to wear to a friend’s wedding for $5, a denim jumper for $2.50 and a black jumper for $3.  Thanks to my $10 credit, that meant that with shipping, my grand total was just over $6.  The clothes arrived on Friday and they are in perfect condition!!  I couldn’t be happier!


Abby in her new (used) cute denim jumper!

When I find a good deal, I love to share it!


Bonus: if you use this link, you, too, get $10 off of your first order and (full disclosure) I get another $10 to spend on their site!  I’d say it is a win-win!