Support Our Adoption

God has called us to provide a home for a child through domestic adoption (for a second time)!  We are answering that calling, but need your help to bring this child home!

We originally anticipated that our adoption costs would range from $10,500-$15,000, but knew they could be as much as $23,000, depending on the situation. It is now looking like they will be closer to $17,500.

If we find our own birth mom or find one using our attorney in California, the costs will be on the cheaper side, so we are praying for that to happen. Keep your eyes and ears open! Who knows, maybe YOU could be the one to connect us with our next child!

One of our main hurdles is funding. As you can see, adoption is VERY expensive. Having chosen to be a one-income family, so that Abby can have a stay-at-home Mom, we really try to live on a budget! This year, God provided us with an amazing house (with a mortgage payment cheaper than rent in the area). We are praising Him for this, but it also means our savings was pretty depleted.  We are stepping out in faith, trusting that He will provide once again, as He did for Abby’s adoption. We have started living even more responsibly, saving every dime we can, and God is already providing in some miraculous ways (extra photo shoots, potential side income for Jonathan as he gets his real estate license, and amazing fundraisers). However, we still need to raise at least $5,000, if not more.

Honestly, it’s a little difficult (because of our pride), to make our needs known to those around us and to ask for help fundraising to bring our baby to his/her forever home! However, we know it is biblical to do so and we saw during Abby’s adoption how people who helped were incredibly blessed by her adoption, as well!  If you want to support us, we ask first that you pray! If you are feeling called beyond that, here are some ways you can help:

Donate: This is the biggest support, because we get almost 100% of your gift.

Tax-deductible donations: AdoptTogether

Donations via paypal: You can donate here!

We have also had some incredible friends and organizations get behind our adoption to help with fundraisers!  You can purchase amazing things and support our adoption:

Get Healthy

If you could choose Optimal Health, would you?  Visit:  – you get healthy and support our adoption!

Two other ways you can help support our adoption are to utilize our own businesses:

Book a Photo Shoot with Amanda

All proceeds from photo shoots, through the end of the year, will go towards our adoption.  I am booking Colorado photo shoots throughout the year and will be in Montana in mid-August, and California in late September!

Real Estate

Jonathan should have his real estate license in early August.  If you know of someone needing to buy or sell a house or land, contact him.  He gets paid for agent referrals and his commission will go toward our adoption!  If they are in our area, he would also love to be their agent!

Contact Me

If you are interested in helping us in other ways, contact me here:


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